Internal Competition Information


28/09/2021 Monthly DPI Competition 1 (Sept) Richard Houghton 17/09/2021
26/10/2021 Monthly DPI Competition 2 (Oct) Dave Stewart 12/10/2021
23/11/2021 Monthly DPI Competition 3 (Nov) Ben Pike 09/11/2021
07/12/2021 Quartet Competition John Wilcox 23/11/2021
11/01/2022 George Dellar Trophy & President’s Challenge Trophy (Theme POWER). Jonathan Vaines 28/12/2021
25/01/2022 Monthly Competition 4 (Jan) Sarah Kelman 11/01/2022
22/02/2022 Monthly Competition 5 (Feb) Paul Radden 08/02/2022
29/03/2022 Monthly Competition 6 (Mar) Ken Payne 15/03/2022
12/04/2022 Annual DPI Competition Naomi Saul 29/03/2022
19/04/2022 Annual Print and Monochrome Competition Colin Strong 05/04/2022

*Please note that entries close TWO WEEKS before the competition date*

MONTHLY COMPETITION (One competition of six rounds in each class)

The Monthly competition for Printed and Digitally Projected Images is run over the indoor programme period (September to April) – this is held over six monthly competitions for both printed and digitally projected images with the monthly submissions being marked by an external judge. The scores awarded to a member over the year will count towards the overall monthly competition result.


The Quartet competition for Printed and Digitally Projected Images consists of a panel of 4 separate images on a readily recognisable common theme. The theme is at the discretion of the entrant.
Example of Quartet panels: SIPC Quartet Competition Entries 2018.


The George Dellar Trophy for Digitally Projected Images is held annually for images that depict one, or a combination of, a Landscape, Building or Landmark, People or St Ives events within a 10 mile radius of the Free Church, St Ives.


The President’s Challenge Trophy for Digitally Projected Images is held annually based on a theme/subject decided by the President and notified to the members at the beginning of each club season.

For the season 2021/22, the theme for the President’s Challenge Cup is POWER


The Annual Competition for Print and Digitally Projected Images is held annually based on 4 images taken from six categories.  Each year there will 3 core categories and 3 additional categories to choose from. The categories will be chosen from a set pool by the Competition Secretary and notified to the members at the beginning of each club season.

For the season 2021/22, the Annual Competition Categories are : Natural History, Creative, People, Still Life, Architecture and Night Photography.

Example of Annual competition entries: DPI Examples, Print Examples


Any monochrome image entered in either class of the monthly competitions or in either class of the annual competitions, scoring 18 or over, shall also be eligible for the monochrome trophy.

For more details of each competition and the rules please Click Here.

For details of how to enter an internal competition please Click Here.

ENTER NOW – Entry to any internal competition opens three weeks prior to the competition date and closes one week prior.

Please note that the Competition Secretary’s email address is 


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