Print Mounting

Commercial Printers

For members who prefer to order their prints online there are a number of good suppliers out there:

  • DSC Colour Labs provide a wide range of print options at very reasonable prices. For example an A3 standard print in Lustre or Gloss is £1.20. They also have more expensive Fine Art paper options if you want a better paper. Turn around time is very quick, often in a couple of days from order. Best to plan to get several prints done at the same time or order with other members as postage is £4.99.
  • For a good local printer try Stream Line Imaging in Camrbidge. They provide a good service and high quality images but they are more expensive at ~£4.95 for an A3 print.
  • Sim Lab based in Hatfield also provide a wide range of print options at very reasonable prices.


If you prefer not to cut your own mounts I can recommend Paper Spectrum who provide a good range of pre-cut 40cm x 50cm mounts at ~£2.40 each with either a central window for A4 or A3 prints.. They can also supply 40cm x 50cm mounts without a window at ~£1.20 depening on colour and texture.

Mount Cutters

If you want to cut your own mounts then it recommended to invest in a mount cutter like the ones provided by Logan. For example: Logan 301-1

How to Mount your pictures

A demostration video by Gary Dean on how to mount your prints for a competition or exhibition.