January 15th – 2022 Annual Interprint Competition

Sadly, due to the ongoing COVID situation, we have made the decision to move the Annual Interprint Competition (hosted by St Ives Photographic Club) on February 26th to an online DPI competition.

January 12th 2022 – George Dellar Cup and Presidents Challenge Trophy Results

President’s Challenge Trophy

1st – Full Steam on the Curve – David King

2nd – Powering Toward the Line – Gary Dean

3rd – The Windmill at Wicken Fen – Nicky Cope

Highly Commended – The Power of Love and Family – Elizabeth Watson

Full results here : Presidents Challenge Trophy 2022

George Dellar Cup

1st – Bleak Bury Lug Fen – Gary Dean

2nd – Road to St Ives at night – Paul Dobson

3rd – Braving the Elements Castle Hill – David King

Highly Commended – Into the Fray – Jack Roberts

Full results here : George Dellar Results 2022

December 17th – January Club Meetings Update

Due to the on going situation with COVID and daily changes, our speaker for 4th January, Hemant Jariwala, has been in touch to cancel as he is understandably now unwilling to meet in person and isn’t able to present on line, so there will be no meeting on 4th January. Additionally, all remaining January meetings will now be online only, which also means the January Monthly Competition will be DPI’s only and no Prints.

December 7th – Quartet DPI and Print Competition

Congratulations to Elizabeth Watson and David Cole for winning the DPI and Print competitions respectively :

Full results for the DPI competition are here
Full results for the Print competition are here

November 23rd – Monthly Open DPI and Print Competition

Congratulations to Louisa Christie and Elizabeth Watson with top marks in the DPI Competition and additionally Louisa was the overall winner of this months competition :

Congratulations also to Tom Lane and Gary Dean for top marks in the Print competition and additionally overall joint winners of this months competition :

Full results for the DPI Competition are here
Full results for the Print Competition are here

November 8th – Annual Exhibition Image – Public Vote
The image that received the most public votes in the 2021 Annual Exhibition was ‘Looking in the Mirror’ by Dave Cole. Congratulations and well done to Dave, it was an excellent image.

It was a really good event, with over 330 people attending over the two days. We had lots of support from club members who helped with the setting up, attending sessions to meet visitors over the two days and finally packing up on Saturday evening, without which we would not be able to run this kind of event.

Special thanks to Karen Laws for all the work she put into preparation of the event, which would have taken up many hours of her time and Louisa who helped promote the event with local publications.

Full Results Here

November 5th – New Club Logo Announcement

On Friday 5th November at the opening of our Annual Exhibition we unveiled a new club logo as part of our 50th Anniversary season celebrations.

Over the 50 years of the clubs history we’ve had a number of different designs and this new logo will take us into the next half century as we embrace modern technologies while retaining our local identity.

October 26th – Monthly Open DPI and Print Competition

Congratulations to Tom Lane and Steve Laws with top marks in the DPI Competition:

Congratulations also to Tom Lane and David Cole for top marks in the Print competition:

Full results for the DPI Competition are here
Full results for the Print Competition are here

September 28th – Monthly Open DPI and Print Competition

Some great entries from both new and existing members of the club, congratulations to Nicky Cope and Steve Hardy with top marks in the DPI Competition:

Congratulations also to Tom Lane and Ivan Barrett for top marks in the Print competition:

Full results for the DPI Competition are here September 2021 Monthly DPI results
Full results for the Print Competition are here September 2021 monthly print results

September 14th Club Talk – Chasing the Light by Kieran Metcalfe

Kieran’s talk is reviewed below by Tim Norman :

Some of our speakers are very generous with their time and ideas and Kieran Metcalfe was definitely in this category. Over nearly 2.5 hours he clearly explained his motivations, methods and ideas about capturing landscape images with real impact. He also shared many very impressive landscape images.

Central to his talk was the importance of natural light and how to plan, explore and manage its impact on the resulting image. He provided many examples of how light could change the image for good or bad. Good planning (and rising very early in the morning !) is a key factor, but as many of us have found, so is luck. Great landscape shots often arise from subtle (or dramatic) changes in light that can arise without warning and often for brief intervals. Many great photographs have been captured at the end of a long dreary day when the sun suddenly clears the clouds as it sets.

He achieves all this with relatively modest equipment proving that its being in the right place at the right time that counts most. He gave some useful pointers on Apps that can help to predict conditions, including SkyFire an App that predicts (according to their website) “epic light”.

I am sure many of us were spurred to plan trips to the Peak District and other upland landscapes following this entertaining and informative talk.

Annual Exhibition 2021

St Ives Photographic Club is pleased to announce the return of our Annual Exhibition on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th November in the the Free Church, St Ives.

20th April – Annual DPI and Monochrome Trophy
A good competition with 80 images and great judging as usual from Paul Radden.
Congratulations to Tom Lane for winning overall last night with some excellent images as usual. The top scoring images in each category were:

Creative Selfie Steve Laws
Landscape Merced River Yosemite Valley Tom Lane
Natural History Male Northern Flicker Ivan Barrett
People Old Grumpy Tom Lane
Sports Action Final Push For The Line Gary Dean
Travel Early morning on Grand Canal – Venice Brian Sibley

Congratulations to Steve Laws for winning best overall image and best monochrome image for “Selfie”.

The best monochrome images of the season can be viewed here.

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