How To Enter an Internal Competition

Image format

The size of your image must not exceed 1920ppi wide and 1200ppi high. Note, if using square or portrait format the height must not exceed 1200ppi, which means that the width will be less than 1920ppi.

The colour space should be sRGB.

Guidelines to process images for internal competitions

1. Open the required image in Photoshop.
2. Having made any changes you wish, select the dropdown “Image” menu at the top of the screen and click on “Image Size”.
3. Ensure that there is a chain link showing between the height & width boxes to constrain the aspect ratio – this means that when one size is changed, the other will do so automatically so the image does not get distorted. Make sure that the unit of measurement selected is pixels.
4. Start by typing 1920 in the “width” box. If the number in the “height” box is more than
1200 at this point, you will need to type 1200 into the “height” box. The image should be no more than 1920px wide or 1200px high. These are the maximum values for projection so that the images shown on the screen on competition night look as good as they can through our projector. If either of these values is exceeded, you need to alter it to fit, this will often mean that one value is significantly lower than the maximum, this is not a problem.
5. Select the “Save As” option from the “File” drop down menu at the top of the screen and save a jpeg or jpg file.
6. Save your file with your preferred title.
7. To enter these into a competition use your PhotoEntry login using this link.
8. Upload your images in the order you wish them to be entered (if you are entering three images then your third image must be the last one). Enter titles for each image in the box when prompted (only titles).
9. Review your entry, if you wish to change the order, use the blue arrows on the left hand side.

Special guidelines for the Annual Competitions
Upload as normal but in the reference box beneath the title please state the category as People, Landscape, Creative, etc according to which category you want the image to be entered into.

Reference Box use for George Dellar Trophy
When entering images for the George Dellar Trophy, please enter the location within Cambridgeshire that the image was taken in the reference box beneath the title.

If you use a different editing software, please enquire as the actions may differ slightly.

For details of how many images can be entered into each competition please refer to competition rules here.

If you wish to enter prints, you need to follow the same guidelines as for DPI because the scoring is done via the same system. They still need to be sized and named correctly for the software to recognise them. You then just need to bring the print on the night of the competition.

If you require help with or want advice about any aspect of preparing digital files, printing or mounting, there are several club members who would be happy to assist. Please ask the Competition Secretary using this email address