2023-2024 Swavesey Friendly Competition Scores

DPI Results

Competition Results for Projected Images 17th Oct 2023

Judge: Chris Forster

Position Club Name Author Title (Points) Score
1 St Ives Graham Davey Summertime (20) 200
Jennifer Horn Startled Leveret (19)
Gary Dean Bellowing Red Deer (18)
Alice Kendrick Spotted Fritillary (17)
Elizabeth Watson Jewelled Drops (17)
David King A Tight Turn (17)
Nicky Cope A Display Of Feathers (16)
Steve Laws Architectural Fish (16)
Lynne Cole Lines Of Time (16)
Graham Davey Wasp Head On (15)
Debbie Hall Cycle Traffic Jam (15)
Louisa Christie Hairy Heads (14)
2 Swavesey Derek Smith Castle Sunset (19) 198
Roger James Sail Shadow (17)
Kevin Lunham Red Kite Bathing (17)
Sue Tait Grooming (17)
Penny Reeves Brown Argus Butterflies (17)
Andy Learn 8 Vs 33 (17)
Maggie O’Moore Squabbling Gannets (17)
Ian Johnson Ben Wells Of Black Stone Cherry (16)
Lynn Kisielowski Sunset On Cromer Pier (16)
Jim Edwards Just Looking (16)
Barrie Hatten Orange And Green (15)
Doug Thompson Night Crawler (14)

Print Results

Competition Results for Prints 17th Oct 2023

Judge: Chris Forster

Position Club Name Author Title (Points) Score
1 St Ives Gary Dean Wild Female Basilisk Lizard (20) 192
Tony Cole I’ll Get You Next Time (19)
Steve Laws Osea Beach Huts (18)
Jennifer Horn Red Fox (17)
Ivan Barrett Michael Rinaldi Ducati (17)
Tom Lane The Warrior (16)
Paul Dobson Nudibranch Chromodoris Kuniei – Indonesia (16)
Nicky Cope First Taste Of Snow (15)
Stan Mace Dandelion (14)
Graham Shirra Cycling In The Shadows (14)
Brian Sibley Trondheim Cathedral Organ Pipes (13)
Louisa Christie Purple Petals (13)
2 Swavesey Simon Shore At The Edge Of The Volcano (19) 191
John Watkins Vestrahorn After Snow (18)
Paul Saunders Golden Dipper (17)
Anita Lewis The Port Authority, Antwerp (17)
Mike Culnane Arctic Vessel (16)
Roger Orr Blenheim Palace (16)
Nev Tait Evening Light In Sutherland (16)
Colin Hookham There Be Sea Monsters (15)
Anthony Clarke Palau De Les Arts, Valencia (15)
Gareth Williamson Kestrel (15)
David Davies The Monster In The Dark (14)
Eleni Paliginis Holy Island, Northumberland (13)