2020-2021 News Archive

5th November – Friendly competition with Swavesey Camera Club
Another close competition with 24 DPIs from each club which were judged by Richard Cobby ARPS, CPAGB. At the halfway stage St Ives were leading by 8 points but Swavesey regained the lead in the 2nd half finishing with 352 points to St Ives’ 346. We look forward to a rematch next year.

3rd November – HDR in a Post HDR World by Steven Galvin
A rather bright and informative moment in these lock down times, specifically as a result of the current restrictions. Steven would not normally be able to present to the club because of the travelling involved however on-line we were treated to his take on HDR in a Post HDR World.
Steven described the evolution of HDR from post processing to in camera, illustrated by before and after images and technical detail for those in the know. His knowledge and humour made this presentation informative, interesting and hopefully showed club members how accessible this type of processing is to improve images.
Example of Steven’s work can be viewed on his Website: https://stevengalvin.photography/
Review by Karen Laws

27th October – October Monthly DPI Competition
An excellent competition with Judge Dave Stewart. A really good variety of images on the night and Dave gave good feedback as usual and recommendations on how images could be improved for the 48 images entered. Congratulations to Steve Laws for a first place result with a top score of 20 for this dusky dolphin photo and 18 for his image of the waiting room:

Congratulations to Gary Dean for his Mountain Hare; to Paul Dobson for his Moray Eel image and to Graham Davey for his Spanish Sunset which all scored 19 points:

A special mention for our newest member, Jack Roberts, who came third overall with these two fabulous images:

Full results of the competition are available here.
The cumulative results for our first two monthly DPI competitions is available here.

20th October – Photoshop by Club Member Petros Spyrou
Petros is a Photoshop professional and he demonstrated using his in depth knowledge of the software how to use the tools, their options and how to work in a non destructive way to achieve a quality image. Petros explained that it is best to use 32bit images and the Adobe colour space to achieve the best results. This was a thoroughly enjoyable session with even the seasoned Photoshop club members learning many new features of the software. Petros has offered to do another session at a later date going into more of the complex features of Photoshop. Let us know if this is something you would like as a follow up session.

13th October – Underwater Photography by Jack Perks
Jack enthralled us with his fascinating talk on underwater photography. Technical detail, personal experiences and amusing anecdotes made this talk accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Whilst many photographers never show less than perfect images Jack showed the difference between different cameras, settings and environments. Based mainly in the UK, with passion and enthusiasm for his craft we saw his work in rivers, ponds, harbours and rock pools. Although I am not sure how ready we are to don Puffin hats and take to the North Sea. I particularly liked the split level photographs showing the animals inhabiting both the water world and the air world. Many thanks to a very inspirational speaker.
See Jacks Website for lots of amazing underwater images: https://www.jackperksphotography.com/portfolios
Review by Karen Laws

6th October – Islands in the Mediterranean by Alice Kendrick
In these difficult and restrictive times what a joy it was to be transported ‘virtually’ to the Mediterranean Islands courtesy of our very own Alice Kendrick. During the year Alice guides many trips to various locations imparting her knowledge to her guests, sadly on hold at the moment.

On Tuesday Alice toured around islands including Sardinia and Sicily showing us the landscape and the amazing flora and fauna that her guests would experience. Alice’s brilliant knowledge of the Latin names provides expert knowledge but I love her descriptions of the images and the more common names and how they came to be. The additional information about location, habitat and photography made the evening, entertaining, informative, relaxing and inspirational for future trips when the world reopens.

Thank you Alice

Review by Karen Laws

For anyone interested in joining one of the tour companies that Alice works for here are the links
Greentours main site – http://www.greentours.co.uk
Or Sicily – http://www.greentours.co.uk/Wildlife-At-Leisure/SICILY-23
Sardinia and Corsica – http://www.greentours.co.uk/Europe/SARDINIA-AND-CORSICA-1
Next year Alice is due to do Sicily, The Gargano peninsula on mainland Italy and a private tour to Corsica with them.

Greenwings main site – https://greenwings.co
Or Cyprus – https://greenwings.co/our-holidays/botanical-holidays/cyprus-in-spring
Next year Alice is due to do Poland, Norfolk Swallowtails, Southern Greece butterfly tour and the Vercors in southeast France with them.

29th September – September Monthly DPI Competition
An excellent competition with Judge Ben Pike. Ben gave good feedback and encouragement for all 52 images entered. Congratulations to Louisa Christie for a first place result with these two wonderful images both scoring 19 points:

Congratulations to Kim Human for scoring the only top score of 20 points with this image titled “Shoes in the wrong place”:

All results are available here.

22nd September – India Land of Contrasts by Roger Reynolds
Tonight we were treated to a wonderful tour of India with some excellent photographs from award winning photographer Roger Reynolds. Roger runs a photographic tour company and has visited India on many trips. The photographs included fabulous photos of local people in their environment; amazing landscapes; wildlife; local rituals as well as famous landscapes like the Taj Mahal and the Golden temple. If you are interested in joining one of Roger’s trips you can find details here.

8th September – Danube Delta and its wildlife by Gary Dean
Gary’s talk first took us through a map of the delta area. The lower reaches of the Danube spread out in a series of lakes and smaller linking water ways creating a large area of wetland enjoyed by a huge variety of wildlife. It’s into this environment that Gary and his wife went to see and photograph the wildlife, which is predominantly birds.

The trip was well organised with a set of hides used by the hotel distributed over a diverse range of habitats. The small group of enthusiasts on the trip would plan what they wanted to see and then choose which hides they wished to visit for the day. Over the course of the holiday they would thus be able to visit the majority of the hides to hopefully catch the wildlife they were interested in. The hides varied considerably in construction dependent on the location, one was a metal shipping container raised high to allow for shots of birds flying in towards nest sites, set up on the container for this very purpose. Staging post trees had also been set up a short distance away to give the best chance of catching the birds prior to their flight to the nest. Other hides were more of a traditional construction overlaid with grass to blend in with the surrounding landscape and set overlooking a lake or open area allowing the birds to be viewed and photographed.

The wildlife photos Gary presented during his talk were to the usual high standard we’ve come to expect from Gary with a wide variety of birds, mammals and invertebrates all being included. Some of the birds were known to us as winter visitors, but most were unseen in this country. The majority of the shots were with his go-to Canon D7 Mk II with 100-400mm L lens which always seems to provide some fantastic results. As well as adding interest by telling us what each of the subjects photographed were, Gary was also able include some anecdotes of his stalking skills; for example  when he successfully managed to crawl out, commando style, over some rough ground to get some shots of some rather timid creatures but having arrived at his chosen spot realised that his camera battery had just ran out and the spare was back where he’d left his gear. Thankfully his stalking skills were good enough to let him reverse the manoeuvre, retrieve the battery and crawl out again to capture the shots he was able to show us.

As one of our early virtual sessions using MS Teams it went very well. The comms were stable and there were very few problems during the talk, boding well for our future presentations. Gary had just one comment; he felt it a little strange talking to just the screen as he was unable to see any of his audience.

Many thanks Gary, we’re looking forward to the next outing.

Review by Ian Montgommery
1st September – Adobe Lightroom Classic Talk by Steve Laws
To kick off the season Steve gave a presentation on Adobe Lightroom Classic. Further information is available here. SIPC Lightroom Talk

Annual DPI Competition
A good virtual competition tonight using Microsoft Teams hosted by Brian and Alice with Judge David Steel. Congratulation to the winners:

Creative Nicky Cope
Natural History Gary Dean
People Alice Kendrick
Sports Action Louisa Christie
Travel Ivan Barrett
Landscape Steve Laws

Congratulations to Gary Dean for getting the best overall score winning this years Annual DPI competition.

Congratulations to Steve Laws for the best image of the evening “Reflections of Chiriguano Bay”.

For the full results see here
For anyone who couldn’t join the call the images presented that we can share are here.