Evening in Cambridge

The plan looks something like this:
1) Meet at the front of St Mary’s Great Church on King’s Parade at 7pm
2) Market square and Rose Crescent
3) Trinity Lane, including Queens Gate views of Trinity Great Court (need to check what time they close the gates)
4) Garret Hostel Lane and bridge (views of river and colleges)
5) Backs (timing should be good for golden hour)
6) Silver Street and Mill area
7) Little St Mary’s Lane and Peterhouse area (small lanes)
8) Trumpington Street
9) Kings Parade and Corpus Clock
10) The Eagle (9 ish)

Contact Tim Norman or Mark Andreson

St Ives Photo Challenge

Challenge to find and photograph 30 items from a list in St Ives.
Afterwards at the Golden Lion Hotel for a drink and judging.
Contact: Ian Montgomery.

A day out in Ely

Cathedral photography, street photography and you will go down to the picturesque banks of the Great Ouse. The cathedral ask you to pay an admission fee £9 for each adult reduced to £6 for those old enough for concessionary rates, which helps them meet the £6000 daily upkeep costs of the building, Still photography is free of charge. There is a £2 charge for using a tripod or video filming within the cathedral.
Obviously you need to make your own way there and parking is free in the Ely City car parks.
Contact: Karen Laws and Debbie Hall