St Ives Photographic Club Archive


The St Ives Photographic Club was founded in February 1972 by Barry Wakefield of St Ives and Alan Prevost of Swavesey. The inaugural meeting took place on the 23rd February 1972 at the Robin Hood public house in St Ives where a committee was formed. The response was overwhelming, so after a few weeks larger accommodation was sought. The club met for a few weeks at the Scout Hall and then at the Youth Centre in Broad Leys for a few years before moving to the Ivo Centre and thence to the Free Church Centre where it continues to hold meetings and exhibitions.

Millennium Exhibition

In June 2000 the club ran a project to provide a set of images that were representative of the people who live, work and play in St Ives at this point in its history, the dawn of a new millennium. The club considered that it was the mix of individuals and the town’s cultural heritage that gave the community of St Ives its uniqueness. The images wherever possible are “environmental portraits”. The choice of whom to include and whom not to include from the town’s total population was extremely difficult. The photographers who took the images selected the final portfolio presented here.

Coronavirus “Lockdown” Exhibition 2020
As it wasn’t possible to hold our Annual Exhibition during the first lockdown, on 1st May 2020 our members were asked to document “A Day in Lockdown” – these images were collected and put together to form this years exhibition that can be seen below:

Archive Photos

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Award Winners

A spreadsheet detailing the majority of the recipients of trophies and awards over the years can be found here: SIPC Cumulative Schedule of Award Winners