Four Way External Competition

Four Way Competition with St Neots, Ely, and March. This year hosted by St Neots over ZOOM. Judge: Nigel Rea ARPS

Inside My Head by Janet Haines FIPF ARPS GPSA EFIAP DPAGB

Most of Janet’s work in this talk can be best described as photographic art.  Just about all of them are montage or at the very least using textures.  Janet is happy to share her ‘secrets’ and techniques.

Be aware that the presentation includes some very tasteful art nude work.

Dave Russell’s A to Z of Imaging

Dave Russell AFIAP
This talk came about when I was asked to present an as yet untitled talk to a local camera club and their programme secretary put it down as “Dave Russell’s A to Z of Imaging”, so I put it together with that in mind. There is at least 1 topic for each letter of the alphabet, from Achilles to Zoom. It covers people pictures, landscapes, natural history and more, with a variety of straight shots and more creative images.

An evening with Les Loosemore ARPS AWPF DPAGB

An evening with Les Loosemore ARPS AWPF DPAGB

Les will present images on these subjects:

Fragility & Resilience of Decay
Winter Landscapes
In-Camera Creations
Winter Leaves and Flowers
Cobwebs, Dewdrops & Leaves (Macro & Close-up)
Storm Brian – Porthcawl Lighthouse and High Seas