2020-2021 Swavesey Friendly Competition Results

St Ives

Misty Morning by Nicky Cope 12
Cafe Time, Vienna by Ray Houghton 15
Lindisfarne at Sunrise by Stephen Hardy 16
Black-cloaked Bee-fly by Alice Kendrick 15
St Ives river view by Ise Berridge 10
Reconnaissance Party by Graham Shirra 18
Leadenhall, City of London by Stephen Hardy 12
Spitfire Girl by Graham Shirra 15
Snow Petrel at Flanders Bay by Steve Laws 16
Barn Owl on the hunt by Philip Rawlins 16
Reflections of Chiriguano Bay by Steve Laws 16
Ardnamurchan Woodland by Gary Dean 12
Hoopoe feeding its young by Gary Dean 13
Tangled Forks by Nicky Cope 13
Harlequin Ghost Pipefish pair, Indonesia by Paul Dobson 12
Cross Country no 71 by Louisa Christie 19
Blue Swallow by Ivan Barrett 14
The Dog Handler by Alice Kendrick 19
Black and White view of the World by Adrian Baigent 12
A London Thing by Sue Gwynne 16
Paradise Lost by Petros Spyrou 9
Dandelion Clock by Louisa Christie 13
Shoes in the wrong place by Kim Human 16
Brown Pelican fight for the Fish by Ise Berridge 17

Total 346


El Capitan by Lee Taylor 13
Marmalade Hoverfly by Nev Tait 13
Port of Felixstowe by Nick Murrall 18
Surface Tension by Penny Reeves 13
Family Portrait by Lee Taylor 17
Stargazer by Simon Shore 10
Geese over Berney Arms Windmill by Ian Johnson 16
Making Waves by Ian Johnson 16
Faded Glory by Penny Reeves 14
Great Chishill Windmill by Doug Thompson 12
On Jesus Green by Simon Shore 17
Queen Sofia Palace of the Arts, Valencia by Anita Lewis 15
Tree in the Lake by Derek Smith 20
A Walk to the Barn by Ray McMurray 14
Red Cherry by Andy Dearn 14
99 Red Balloons (less 98) by Tim Ewbank 14
Northern Gannet by Maggie O’Moore 18
Singing the Blues by Sarah Johnson 16
Jon by David Davies 14
Lily Beetle by Jane Greatorex 9
Red Stag by Gareth Williamson 19
Gone Fishin’ by Richard Harrison 9
Male Frigate Bird Displaying by Hugh Richards 14
Lake District Dawn by Cat Sani 19

Total 352