2020-2021 Awards

Monthly Projected Image MonthlyPrint
1 Gary Dean N/A
2 Louisa Christie N/A
3 Steve Laws N/A
Quartet Projected Quartet Print
1 Tony Cole N/A
2 Nicky Cope, Debbie Hall, Louisa Christie, Kim Human and Ise Berridge N/A
3 Jack Roberts, Richard Berridge and David King N/A
Annual Projected Image Annual Print
1 Tom Lane N/A
2 Nicky Cope N/A
3 Brian Sibley and Gary Dean N/A
Best Annual Projected Image Best Annual Print
Steve Laws N/A
Steve Laws
President’s Challenge Trophy
1 Gary Dean
2 Kim Human, Louisa Christie, Ray Houghton, Alice Kendrick and Tom Lane
3 Steve Eeley, Ian Manning, Tony Cole and Jack Roberts
George Dellar Memorial Trophy
1 Tom Lane
2 Richard Berridge, Ise Berridge, Jack Roberts and Steve Laws
3 Kim Human, Tony Cole, Bryan Basketter and Ray Houghton
Annual Exhibition – Public choice
Club Member of the Year Best Newcomer
N/A Jack Roberts