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31st March – 6th Monthly Competition with Judge Jonathan Vaines
A good selection of images in the 6th of our monthly competitions. Congratulations to Alice Kendrick for winning tonight with these images:

Congratulations also to Gary, Louisa and Paul Hodson for scoring top marks for these images:

Congratulations to Gary Dean for a clear overall win of this seasons monthly DPI competition with a very close 2nd, 3rd and 4th each separated by only one point to Louisa, Steve Laws and Alice.
Full Results for the evening are available here.
Cumulative monthly competition results are here.

23rd March – Members 10 minute presentations
A very interesting and diverse range of talks from our members:

Product Photography Petros Spyrou
Darkroom Photography Tim Norman
A Brief Taste of Rwanda Marc Human
Underwater Photography Paul Dobson
Sports Photography Gary Dean
Fog and Frost Photography Ian Montgomery

A big thank you to our speakers and if you were inspired why not volunteer to present at our next members presentation session in November.

16th March – An evening with Les Loosemore ARPS AWPF DPAGB
An interesting evening with Les Losemore taking us through a selection of his wonderful images. This included:

  • Fragility & Resilience of Decay
  • Winter Landscapes
  • In-Camera Creations
  • Scotland
  • Storm Brian – Porthcawl Lighthouse and High Seas

Images were beautifully presented often in a square format and presented with a selection of music from Les’s vast collection. Lots of inspiration for members.

9th March – “Camera Raw: What, Why and Should I Bother” talk by Professor Terry Hewitt
A very interesting talk with the first half on the technical aspects of how a DLSR captures a RAW and JPG image followed by a second half on how to process a RAW file and the benefits of RAW vs JPG. The first half divided opinions as it was a very technical discussion and I am sure it went over the heads of some members but other members found it very interesting to understand how the light captured by the sensor is processed in the camera to produce the JPG image we see on the back of our camera. In the second half Terry explained how Lightroom and Photoshop both use Adobe Camera Raw to process the image using its smart previews to process the data quickly in response to the adjustment sliders. Terry explained how JPG limits the colour depth and the dynamic range which restricts what you can achieve in post processing and highly recommended a workflow using RAW photographs.

2nd March – “My Restless Lens” talk by Dr Keith Snell
An enjoyable evening covering a broad range of Keith’s photography including: wildlife, patterns and shapes; people; landscape and creative photography. Keith is a retired biochemist and has travelled extensively including Antarctic, Artic, Africa and Brazil. His wildlife photography section showed some beautiful photos of polar bears, birds, penguins, whales, and many other species in their natural habit. Keith enjoys ICM photography and he shared his passion for the subject with many beautiful creative images and he explained his process to achieve them.

23rd February – 5th Monthly Competition with Judge John Wilcox
A good selection of images in the 5th of our monthly competitions. Congratulations to Gary Dean for winning tonight with these images:

Congratulations also to Nicky cope for scoring a maximum of 20 points for this beautiful landscape:

Full results are here.
Cumulative monthly competition results are here.

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16th February – “Its all in the mind” with Kenn Scott
A very interesting and thought provoking evening with Kenn Scott who gave us a wonderful talk on Photopsychology. His talk looked into why we like or dislike certain images and helped to explain why composition rules, choices of colour and contrast can influence how we react to an image. A very unique cameras club talk that received some great feedback from members. To see more of Kenn’s work check out his website:

9th February – “Wonderful World of Macro” with Victoria Hillman
For this year’s James Bunn memorial lecture we were treated to an excellent talk on macro photography from Somerset based professional photographer and scientist with a passion for nature. For the first half Victoria showed a range of macro photography images taken on mainly Canon cameras with either Sigma 180mm f2.8 or Canon 100mm f2.8 macro lenses. She explained how she tries to use the largest possible aperture to blur the background whilst showing just a hint of the natural habitat of the subject and the results were both technically competent and beautiful to look at. In the second half Victoria gave us an insight into her field craft and post processing. Although competitions restrict what you are allowed to do in terms of post processing, Victoria showed us the affects you can achieve with small cropping and changes to colour balance. Members were really impressed by the talk and if anyone would like to see more of Victoria’s work, then check out and her social media channels.

2nd February – Quartet DPI Competition with Colin Southgate
A good selection of interesting quartet panels judged by Colin Southgate. Congratulations to Tony Cole with his winning image titled “Two Demos in Four Images”:

Full results are available here.

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2020-2021 News Archive
2019-2020 News Archive

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    Be aware that the presentation includes some very tasteful art nude work.

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