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12th January 2021 – “George Dellar” and “Presidents Challenge” Competitions
Last night we had a good range of entries to these competitions with judging from one of our regular judges Richard Houghton. As usual Richard provided some great feedback and kept us entertained with his humour. Congratulations to Tom Lane for winning the George Dellar Cup with this image titled “River Ouse at St Ives”.

Full results for the George Dellar Cup are here.

Congratulations to Gary Dean for winning the “Presidents Challenge Cup” with this image titled “Making a Splash”

Full results for the Presidents Challenge Cup are here.

5th January 2021 – “Wildlife of the Taiga” talk by Sarah Kelman
The taiga a biome encircling the northern regions of the globe was eloquently brought to life by the startling, sensitive and beautiful images of the wildlife that inhabits these unforgiving locations. With a mix of environmental content and description of the wildlife and their behaviour, Sarah’s narration bought character to the animals and birds pictured giving a real insight into the meaning behind a series of images. Sarah is passionate about her wildlife photography and this shone through this evening.

Review by Karen Laws

15th December – 4 Way Competition
A very close competition between St Ives, Ely, March and St Neots Camera clubs with only 3 points separating the winners and losers. At the half way stage we were joint first but dropped back to 4th place in the second half with a total score of 183 points. Ely Camera Club won with 186 points. A lot of our entries this year were from new members and it is great to see them doing so well against the seasoned photographers at other clubs. Full results are here: 2020 4-Way Competition Score Sheet

8th December – Eagle Hunters with Julian Elliot
What an interesting photographer Julian is. His visual depiction and verbal description of his travels in Mongolia to find the Eagle Hunters was inspirational. Jullian unlike other speakers we have had has a much more a journalistic style where all the work is done in camera with minimal post processing. He also wants those candid shots with little interaction from his subjects that most judges don’t rate. His no frills approach gave an honest yet insightful glimpse at this somewhat inaccessible area. Many will want to plan a trip to this enigmatic land other will love the imagery but maybe not the conditions!
Review by Karen Laws

1st December – On Top of the World with David Steel
On Tuesday evening David Steel gave us a fascinating virtual talk about his Motorcycle trip in the Himalayas. Starting with the flight into the small airfield located in the valley floor, but still many thousands of feet above sea level that required David and his wife to rest for 48hours so as not to suffer the effects of altitude sickness. This time was well used with a trip to a local festival where David showed many images that captured the local people and their customs. The trip itself then commenced with David and his wife joining a small group of fellow travellers from around the world who would spend the next few days riding on their Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles on the challenging roads in the Himalayas. Visiting small villages with monasteries, prayer wheels and flags hanging on the hillsides, David’s images transported us into this remote part of the world with some intimate portraits of the local people living hard lives and some interesting definitions of luxury accommodation!
Review by Brian Sibley

24th November – November Monthly DPI Competition with Judge Ron Tear
Another good monthly DPI competition with a diverse range of image and a good range of scores from our judge Ron Tear. Congratulations to Louisa Christie and Gary Dean for scoring the maximum 40 points with the following images. Congratulations to all our other members who scored 20 points on the night: Tony Cole; Phil Rawlins, Paul Dobson, Alice Kendrick, Ise Berridge and Nicky Cope.

Full results of the competition are available here.
The cumulative results for our first three monthly DPI competitions are available here.

17th November – Cityscape and Nightscape Photography by Steve Hedges
Yet again a positive from this very difficult Covid-19 lockdown. A fantastic and informative evening from Steve Hedges, a photography tutor, based in Essex. His talk Cityscapes and Night Photography proved very informative and enjoyable judging by the comments at the end of Steve’s talk. Steve used an array of different images to illustrate the process or techniques he was describing, before and after, close in or step back, backlit or front lit. He talked about the technical aspects of photography as well as composition and how he had created or prepared to take the images. I’m sure he has inspired many of our members to try new things.
Review by Karen Laws

10th November – Water Photography by Daniel Bridge
Daniel presented to us a diverse range of images on the theme of water showing that you don’t have to go far to get some great photos of beach scenes; rivers; waterfalls, wildlife, clouds, fog, snow etc. Daniel covered the use of long shutter speeds to blur water and clouds using either low light, ND filters or a technique of combining multiple exposures which he can do in camera on his Pentax K3. He also recommended the use of Polaroid filters to reduce the light and reflections in water. Another popular technique Daniel uses is to have a black background to enhance the image and this was particular effective with ice and his images of the swans. Lots of good inspiration for members to try.
Example of Daniel’s work can be viewed on his Website:
Daniel is a professional photography tutor and details of his workshops and tuition can be found on his Website:

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